Green Vineyards project has launched its free course on sustainability in the wine sector.

It has been jointly created  by Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR), Institut français de la vigne et du vin (IFV), Bodensee-Stiftung, Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy (IECE), CeSAR and Federación Española del Vino (FEV).

It is aimed at wine sector workers, together with anyone else interested in addressing the challenges of climate change in agriculture.

The course has 13 units, responding to 13 environmental competences🌍 and is available in 6 different languages, including Spanish, English, French, French, Italian and German.

You can access to the course here https://greenvineyards.eu/training/ . Please find instructions to enroll here https://youtu.be/eZ2373ousgk?si=tjXcoRwtQmwy7mGZ

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