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Green Vineyards final event

The final event of the green vineyards project will take place on Wednesday morning, 26th June 2024. The event, which will take place face-to -face in Madrid, will be held under the title «Technology, Training and Wine: United against Climate Change» and will be organised by the Spanish Wine Federation (Federacion Española del Vino), an […]

Our green course is here!

Green Vineyards project has launched its free course on sustainability in the wine sector. It has been jointly created  by Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR), Institut français de la vigne et du vin (IFV), Bodensee-Stiftung, Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy (IECE), CeSAR and Federación Española del Vino (FEV). It is […]


Green Vineyards collaborates with the Climed-Fruit project

Green Vineyards participated in the Climed-Fruit conference held last March 12th and 13th, alongside with 27 other projects, which brought together more than 1,000 participants from all over Europe. It meant a unique opportunity to discover new knowledge and practices in climate change fight. You can access to the conference contents here. Green Vineyards presentation […]

Multiplier event in France

On April 12, the French Institute of Vine and Wine, IFV, organizes its annual multi-event «Les Entretiens du Beaujolais et les Assises de l’Agroecologie en Beaujolais«, around carbon and different contents included in the Green Vineyards project. The meeting is aimed at operators of the Beaujolais vineyard and of surrounding areas, vine and wine advisors […]

Multiplier Event in Umbria

On 6 April, the Centro per lo Sviluppo Agricolo e Rural, CESAR, organised a multiplier event to discuss some of the topics included in the Green Vineyards project. The meeting was addressed to agricultural technicians, either university graduates in agriculture or graduates of agricultural technical schools. It was held in the framework of the 55th […]

Collaboration with NOVATERA

Green Vineyards partners with NOVATERRA to make vineyards more sustainable  The collaboration between NOVATERRA and Green Vineyards is rooted in a shared commitment to sustainable viticulture. NOVATERRA, an EU-funded H2020 project, is dedicated to ensuring food security and promoting access to healthy food for the growing population. Focusing on Mediterranean olive groves and vineyards through […]

Moving forward in Germany

The fourth face-to-face meeting of the Green Vineyards project was held on 29-30 January in Radolfzell am Bodensee, Germany. It was hosted by the local partner the Lake Constance Foundation. The main points of the agenda dealt with the last phases of the project, paying special attention to the translation of the different units of […]

Green Vineyards best practices: Castello Monte Vibiano

Castello Monte Vibiano is a pioneer in the field of sustainability.  This magnificent winery stands at the centre of the Fasola estate on the Perugia’s hills, Italy, producing both high-quality oil and wine. In 2009, it was awarded with the «zero CO2 emissions» certification (DNV UNI ISO 14064), being the first Italian company to receive […]

A visit to North Macedonia

The third face-to-face meeting of Green Vineyards project took place on 27-28 June in Skopje, North Macedonia. The meeting was hosted by the Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy – IECE, partner of Green Vineyards project. One of the topics discussed at the meeting was the design and structure of the training […]

Sustainable Competence Framework published!

Green Vineyards project has published its first output, the Competence Framework & Sustainable Practices for Wine Sector. This guide contains a specific competence framework which aims to contribute to identifying the environmental competencies required by wine sector workers to ensure a positive environmental footprint of the activities carried out in this primary sector industry. It […]

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