Green Vineyards participated in the Climed-Fruit conference held last March 12th and 13th, alongside with 27 other projects, which brought together more than 1,000 participants from all over Europe. It meant a unique opportunity to discover new knowledge and practices in climate change fight.

You can access to the conference contents here.

Green Vineyards presentation was delivered by IFV, and it is also available here.

With the beginning of September, we are launching a number of communication tools foreseen in the Green Vineyards project. The objective is to enhance the project impact and the effects of project results on the participants and target groups.

The main tool is the project website, www.greenvineyards.eu. The site will host all the information related to the intervention, including objectives, results, and a description of the partnership. However, the page will pay special attention to news, events and other information relevant to all stakeholders.

In parallel, we have launched the project’s twitter account, @green_vineyards . This social media channel will allow a quick, simple and convenient way of communication with the surrounding society.

Further social media channels will be put in place in the following weeks, including a LinkedIn and You Tube accounts.

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