On April 12, the French Institute of Vine and Wine, IFV, organizes its annual multi-event «Les Entretiens du Beaujolais et les Assises de l’Agroecologie en Beaujolais«, around carbon and different contents included in the Green Vineyards project. The meeting is aimed at operators of the Beaujolais vineyard and of surrounding areas, vine and wine advisors and permanent staff of structures such as ODGs (Defence and management bodies), oenologists, etc., and BTS viti-oeno students. Between 100 and 150 people are expected.

On 6 April, the Centro per lo Sviluppo Agricolo e Rural, CESAR, organised a multiplier event to discuss some of the topics included in the Green Vineyards project. The meeting was addressed to agricultural technicians, either university graduates in agriculture or graduates of agricultural technical schools.

It was held in the framework of the 55th edition of the AGRIUMBRIA Fair, held on 5-7 April 2024, which is one of the largest agricultural fairs in Italy and attracts tens of thousands of visitors.

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